Harlequin stuffed Capsicums

Harlequin stuffed capsicums

Harlequin stuffed capsicums

Our Harlequin stuffed capsicums are extremely tasty and very colourful. This recipe works equally well as midweek dinner, or a weekend treat. Try making double quantities to have two easy weekday meals!

Tip: You can use this mixture to stuff any vegetable you like including eggplants, large tomatoes or zucchini.

Harlequin stuffed Capsicums

Stuffed peppers is a dish which exists in different names and forms around the world. Stuffed peppers or pimientos rellenos are part of traditional Spanish cuisine, especially that of the region of the Basque Country. Usually, piquillo peppers are used. The fillings vary from Manchego cheese to chicken or cod in a red sauce; chicken likely being the most popular recipe. In India, stuffed peppers (Bharvan Mirch or Bharva Hari Mirch) are one of several stuffed vegetable (Bharvan subji) dishes. It consists of bell peppers stuffed with cooked meat, potatoes, and onions and seasoned with chilli, turmeric, coriander, cilantro, salt, and lemon juice. The peppers are then either browned in a Tava (frying pan) or baked in an oven until the peppers are scorched.

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