Mild tuna curry

Mild tuna curry

Mild tuna curry

Our mild tuna curry is designed to be pantry friendly. Exchange peas for canned corn or chickpeas. It’s a flavoursome go-to recipe for time-challenged families and individuals and is perfect for one or many.

Mild tuna curry

Tuna is a good source of iodine and selenium needed for thyroid health. 

Ashleigh Feltham (MNutrDiet)

A delicious, heart-healthy curry, with the base of Safcol Tuna in Springwater. Tuna is a good source of iodine and selenium needed for thyroid health, as well as choline which is needed for normal central nervous system and brain function.

Tuna also gives your body B12 which is required for normal nervous system function and to make red blood cells and DNA. Adding to the health benefits tuna is a good source of animal form of iron called haem iron. Iron plays a role in allowing oxygen to be transported properly around your body.

The other healthful ingredients include the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of the cumin, which is the active ingredient full of health benefits in turmeric. By adding the black pepper, you can absorb and use the health benefits of cumin by up to 2,000% more! The immune-supporting benefits of the quercetin found in onion. Adding to the immune support are the peas which ass vitamin C and A as well as a good source of vitamin K needed for strong bones and to enable blood to clot normally.

If you choose to add the red chilli this may heat up the meal as well as your metabolism, for a short amount of time. Coriander also needs a mention, contain B vitamins which your body needs to convert the food you eat into energy, vitamin K, vitamin E which acts as an antioxidant as well as phosphorus for strong bones and teeth and potassium for healthy blood pressure.

If you love a curry in your week this one ticks all the right boxes for nutrition and taste.

If you like tuna, be sure to check out our tuna recipes page for more inspiration!

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