Smoked Rainbow Trout Rillettes

Smoked Rainbow Trout Rillettes

Here’s a rather fancy entree. Smoked Rainbow Trout Rillettes.  Watch Justine Schofield make this delicious entre or treat and it’s just 20 minutes in the making. Rillettes is a preservation method similar to confit where meat is seasoned then slow-cooked submerged in fat and cooked at an extremely slow rate for several hours.

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Did you know: The French word rillettes is first evidenced in 1845. It derives from the Old French rille, meaning a slice of pork, which is first attested in 1480. This is a dialect variation of the Old French reille, meaning a lath or strip of wood, from the Latin regula. In English, it means cooked shredded meat (such as pork or duck or fish) preserved in fat. Source: Wiki

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