Tuna sweet potato avocado poke bowl

Tuna sweet potato avocado poke bowl

Tuna sweet potato avocado poke bowl

This tuna sweet potato avocado poke bowl has your daily serve of vegetables plus one extra for luck, topped with a delicious and simple Asian inspired dressing. The perfect special dinner for one.

Eggs and tuna will provide your body with iodine needed for healthy thyroid function and metabolism. 

 Ashleigh Feltham (MNutrDiet)

Poke bowls are very trendy right now but this one stands up above the rest because of the many health benefits. Mushrooms are a great source of B vitamins which are needed to allow the food you eat to be converted into energy. Sweet potato and carrots add a good dose of immune optimising vitamin C and A. Vitamin A also helps to keep your vision sharp.

The best quality protein is essential for taste and Safcol Tuna in Springwater ticks this box. Your body needs omega 3 fat for health and tuna is a good source of this as it helps your arteries, heart and brain to work well. Also, tuna provides iodine and selenium to optimize the health of your thyroid and consequently improves the function of your metabolism. Tuna also has vitamin D which supports your immune system to work well and allows calcium to be absorbed properly. Importantly tuna is a source of iron which helps your body transport oxygen. Iron is also needed for your brain as it helps make neurotransmitters.

Edamame is baby soybeans and a good non-dairy source of calcium. Avocado further enhances the amount of vitamin C, A and potassium the other vegetables give you but also adds folate to allow your body to repair and make DNA. Nori sheets add additional iodine to the meal and the sesame seeds boost the calcium levels. Sushi vinegar helps to keep the glycemic index of this poke bowl down; which helps your body has sustained energy and does not raise your blood sugar levels so fast.  This is clearly a poke bowl to try soon.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information
Serving Size400g
Average qty per serveAverage qty per 100g
Fat, total
- saturated
This nutritional information has been created using the foodstandards.gov.au online tool. While every attempt has been made to ensure accuracy, it should be considered a guide only.

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