Crisp bacon and tuna potato cakes

Crisp bacon tuna potato cakes

Crisp bacon tuna potato cakes

The whole family will love these delightful and delicious crisp bacon tuna potato cakes. There are incredibly moreish, you’ll find yourself going back for more… if there are any left!

Crisp bacon and tuna potato cakes

This recipe is both a win for your taste buds and your health

Ashleigh Feltham (MNutrDiet)

Make sure you bring this recipe out when you have friends over as it is a sure winner. Safcol tuna as a good source of protein which will keep the munchies away for a longer period. Tuna is also a good source of the animal form of iron called haem iron. It is more bioavailable than the plant non-haem iron source. Iron assists with oxygen transportation around your body which keeps all of your cells healthy. Iron is also needed for a normal functioning immune system as it plays many parts in the functioning of the immune cells in your body.

Potatoes are a healthy choice when they are from the whole vegetable. They are a good source of fibre to support your gut health as well as potassium for healthy blood pressure levels. Also, vitamin C and B6 which are needed to make red blood cells.

Red onion promotes an optimal immune function with vitamin C and antioxidants like quercetin. Thyme leaves add more antioxidants to the recipe which help to keep your body working at its best. Sunflower oil is made from more than 80% monounsaturated fat and like omega-3 fat found in tuna is a heart-healthy fat. Both fats promote healthy cholesterol levels with more ‘good’ HDL cholesterol and less ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. This recipe is both a win for your taste buds and health.


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