Salmon Goat Cheese Danish

Salmon Goat Cheese Danish

This versatile Salmon Goat Cheese Danish can be enjoyed as a simple supper, as part of a picnic and makes an excellent lunchbox addition too. It’s a variation of the traditional Danish which is traditionally made with ingredients such as jam, custard, apricots, cherries, raisins, flaked almonds, pecans, or caramelized toffee. These pastry parcels can be enjoyed warm or cold as an anytime-of-the-day treat. The store-bought pastry is quick and easy, but why try and make your own.

Salmon Goat Cheese Danish

Tip: If you choose to make your own pastry rather than store-bought pastry, it is best to start the dough recipe the night before so the pastry is chilled and rested before assembling the pastries. Also roll the pastry in one direction, as this distributes the butter evenly, and helps to create the light, flaky layers.

Did you know: Danish pastries were brought with immigrants to the United States, where they are often topped with a fruit or cream cheese filling and are now popular around the world. In Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish, the term for Danish pastry is wienerbrød (or wienerbröd), meaning “Viennese bread”. Source: Wiki. In Vienna, the Danish pastry is called Kopenhagener Plunder, referring to Copenhagen, or Dänischer Plunder.

If you like this Salmon Goat Cheese Danish or if you love salmon, be sure to check out our salmon recipes page for more inspiration!

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