Smoked salmon and marinated kale bagel

Smoked salmon and marinated kale bagel

Smoked salmon and marinated kale bagel

This smoked salmon and marinated kale bagel is loaded with flavour and packed with nutrient-rich salmon and kale, making it a great go-to lunch. Did we say quick? It’s on the plate ready to eat in less than 10 minutes.

Smoked salmon marinated kale bagel

Kale is a green, leafy, cruciferous vegetable that is rich in nutrients.

Ashleigh Feltham (MNutrDiet)

This recipe is not only trendy, but your body will thank you for making this choice. Smoked salmon has its own antioxidants which help to fight off free radicals which can cause damage and disease to the cells of your body. Omega-3 fat found in salmon is an anti-inflammatory fat and may help reduce symptoms of inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.

If you have the choice, opt for a whole grain bagel which, with more fibre, is linked to a reduced risk of colorectal cancer. Depending on the size, an average bagel will give your body between 2-3 serves of whole grains which is the minimum amount recommended per day for your health.

Kale leaves are full of health benefits including potassium, vitamin A and K and folate. Folate is a B vitamin needed for DNA synthesis and repair. Lemon juice will keep your immune system working at its best with vitamin C. Vitamin C is needed for other reasons such as cortisol production by the thyroid gland. You need vitamin C in your diet as your body does not produce it by itself. Ginger is a spice full of antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory components and can help relieve nausea. This recipe is simplicity at its best.

If you like salmon, be sure to check out our salmon recipes page for more inspiration!

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