Tuna and Cheese Triangle Melts

Tuna and Cheese Triangle Melts

If you’re looking for a quick lunch or snack, grab a tin of no-net tuna it’s so versatile. These Tuna and Cheese Triangle Melts are not too dissimilar to tuna melts such as our Tuna cheddar capsicum panini melts. In this recipe watch Justine mix it up a little by wrapping this in a tortilla pocket instead of bread.

Tuna and Cheese Triangle Melts

Both kids and adults are going to love these Tuna and Cheese Triangle Melts, and because they’re on the table in 15 minutes, you will too.

Tips: Use spring onions instead of onions as they have a milder flavour – just the white and light parts. If you like things a little spice, you can always add a splash of Tobasco. When it comes to Tortillas, use large ones as they’re much easier to roll up.

Did you know: Tortillas are a staple in Mexican and Central American cuisine? These circular unleavened flatbread flatbreads are typically made from either corn maize or wheat flour, and they’re used in a variety of ways. The first recorded use of tortillas dates to roughly 10,000 BC and was made from corn. When the Spanish arrived, they discovered native inhabitants like the Aztecs and others all ate some sort of maize bread. Europeans introduced wheat and its cultivation to the American continent, and it remains the source of wheat flour tortillas. Wheat flour tortillas were originated in the northern region of Mexico. Source: Wiki

Tuna and Cheese Triangle Melts No Net Tuna









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