Portuguese Sardine Fritters

Portuguese Sardine Fritters

These Portuguese Sardine Fritters make the perfect finger food for your next family get-together or soiree.  Why Portuguese? Well, Portugal is well known for its tinned fish, especially sardines. It’s often served as a starter in cafés and restaurants.

Portuguese Sardine Fritters

Tips for good fritters: Don’t be scared of oil. Make sure you add enough to the pan, as it will help to give crispiness, good colour and delicious flavour to the fritters.
Let it sizzle! Your pan needs to be properly heated up before cooking. If the fritter doesn’t sizzle when it hits the pan, you know it’s not ready!
Don’t overcrowd the pan, as this causes the temperature of the pan to drop, resulting in limp, under-cooked fritters.

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