Sardine pan con tomate

Sardine pan con tomate

Tapas a deliciously simple way to entertain, inspired by the favourite Catalonian tapa, pan con tomate, this sardine pan con tomate is all about good ingredients easily prepared. It’s a winner.

Sardines are a good source of B12 which is needed for a healthy central nervous system. 

 Ashleigh Feltham (MNutrDiet)

This meal is a must-try for anyone wanting to look after both the well-being of their body and happiness of their taste buds. Safcol Brisling Sardines in Springwater provide a good source of omega-3 fat. Omega 3 fat promotes optimal heart, artery and brain health. And, omega 3 fat has been linked to good eye health. Sardines are a good source of B12 which is needed for a healthy central nervous system and to allow red blood cells to be made. As well as choline which is not only needed for a healthy nervous system but also for brain health. If you are keen to keep your metabolism firing, you need a healthy thyroid. Sardines have both iodine and selenium which play a role in keeping your thyroid working well.

The ripe tomato adds antioxidants including lycopene which supports a healthy heart and is also a good source of vitamin C which promotes a normal functioning immune system. Adding to the strength of your immune system is garlic with its compound called allicin. Extra virgin olive oil is not only a good source of monounsaturated fat which helps to increase your ‘good’ HDL cholesterol and reduce your ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol but also adds over 36 different antioxidants! The basil leaves add additional flavour while also providing their own antioxidants.

Sourdough bread made in the traditional method is classified as a whole grain. This is a bonus for your body by providing more fibre, vitamins and minerals, such as iron which allows oxygen to be transported throughout your body. Iron is also needed to make neurotransmitters in your brain. Also, zinc is for a strong immune system, B vitamins allow your body to make energy from the food you eat, and magnesium is needed for normal nerve and muscle function. Phosphorus and manganese for strong bones and copper which is needed for making red blood cells and maintaining your nerve cells.

This recipe uses Safcol Brisling Sardines Springwater 110g

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