Smoked salmon and dill scrambled eggs

Smoked salmon and dill scrambled eggs

Smoked salmon and dill scrambled eggs

This luscious and flavoursome smoked salmon and dill scrambled eggs is the perfect breakfast to kick start your day!

Smoked salmon and dill scrambled eggs

Eggs and tuna will provide your body with iodine needed for healthy thyroid function and metabolism. 

 Ashleigh Feltham (MNutrDiet)

Scrambled eggs are a classic, but this recipe has a twist which you will love. The Safcol Premium Smoked Salmon adds delicious flavour while also boasting many nutritional benefits. This includes a good source of protein to help keep the munchies away for longer. Also, it’s a great source of omega 3 fat which is essential for brain, artery and heart health. The Safcol Smoked Salmon also has B12 and choline which is needed for your central nervous system to function normally. Vitamin B12 also helps to create red blood cells. On top of these health benefits, salmon even has its own antioxidant called astaxanthin. This antioxidant gives salmon its colour and helps to keep your cholesterol in healthy levels of more ‘good’ HDL cholesterol and less ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol.

The eggs also help boost the B12 and choline content in the meal but also add vitamin D which is needed for optimal immune function and to allow calcium to be absorbed properly in your body. Also, vitamins A and E are needed for strong immunity. Vitamin A also plays a role in keeping your vision sharp. Adding to the immune-boosting factors in this recipe is the onion. Onion has a flavanol called quercetin. Quercetin, a flavonoid found in fruits and vegetables, has unique biological properties that may improve mental/physical performance and reduce infection risk. Finally, the herb dill will add flavour but also contributes to the antioxidants of this classic breakfast with a twist.

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