Spiral pasta with tuna and asparagus

Spiral pasta with tuna and asparagus

Spiral pasta with tuna and asparagus

This spiral pasta with tuna and asparagus is a tasty meal that’s just over 10 minutes in the making. Dinner will be on the table faster than you can get takeaway, and it’s cheaper and better! A bowl of pasta is not only filling but a perfect meal when you’re pressed for time or enjoying a lazy day on the couch or in the outdoors.

Spiral pasta with tuna and asparagus

Did you know:

Spiral pasta like fusilli, Gemelli, Cavatappi and Rotini is perfect in all kinds of sauces, from simple pesto to hearty ragù. Use them in pasta salads tossed with vegetables, or stirred into winter soups.

Fusilli is a spiral or corkscrew-shaped pasta. Because of its twists, it has grooves that are good for holding onto the sauce. Fusilli pasta was originally developed in Southern Italy by rolling and setting fresh spaghetti around thin rods to dry. This shape is traditionally formed by rolling strips of pasta over a rod to create the twisted shape. Fusilli works well with any sauce, added to soups, or turned into a salad. This shape also bakes well in a casserole.  Source: Share the sauce

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