Tuna pinenut and spinach lasagna

Tuna pinenut and spinach lasagna

Tuna pinenut and spinach lasagna

Packed with creaminess and flavour, this tuna pinenut and spinach lasagna is a delicious twist on an all-time Italian favourite.

Tuna pine nut and spinach lasagna SAFCOL

This lasagne upgrades the nutrition benefits that your body receives from the traditional recipe.

Ashleigh Feltham (MNutrDiet)

Beef is a source of saturated fat which promotes unhealthy cholesterol levels. Safcol tuna is a source of an essential fat called omega-3 fat which acts in the opposite way and promotes healthy cholesterol levels. In addition to this Safcol tuna is a good source of all the B vitamins except folate, iron, choline, selenium, iodine, and a complete protein source. This means that your body has all the essential amino acids that you’ll need to create a protein.

All the cheeses add more complete protein as well as calcium. This is needed for strong bones and teeth and to keep your muscles contracting normally.  Eggs, cheese and Safcol tuna are good sources of the fat-soluble vitamin A, D and E. Vitamin D is needed for your body to absorb calcium.

Baby spinach leaves are a great source of the fourth fat-soluble vitamin called vitamin K. These need a source of fat to be absorbed properly which is provided in the pine nuts and Safcol tuna.

Lemon, tomatoes, and onion are good sources of vitamin C which helps your immune system function at its best. Red onion is also a good source of manganese which is needed for your body to metabolise protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Also, vitamin B6 is needed to make red blood cells. Tomatoes that are processed like canned tomatoes are a great source of the antioxidant lycopene which helps your heart and prostate stay healthy and may also reduce your risk of certain cancers. If you are ready to upgrade your lasagne save this recipe.

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