Wholemeal salmon pumpkin quiche

Wholemeal salmon pumpkin quiche

Wholemeal salmon pumpkin quiche

Our wholemeal salmon pumpkin quiche has crisp rich pastry and tasty salmon flakes. It makes this quiche a perfect light lunch or supper and you can serve it warm or cold. You could say it’s an easy entertainer!

Wholemeal salmon pumpkin quiche

This is a quiche which you do not have to feel guilty about enjoying.

Ashleigh Feltham (MNutrDiet)

Safcol salmon provides heart-healthy omega 3 fat, protein and a range of vitamins, minerals and even antioxidants to optimise the health of your entire body!

Eggs provide protein which helps to repair the cells of your body as well as play a role in increasing how long you feel fuller after the meal. Eggs add non-haem iron which is less easily absorbed than the haem iron found in the salmon. However, the haem iron increases how much the non-haem iron is absorbed so this is a great combination of foods. Iron is vital to cell oxygenation to keep all the cells working well and healthy.

Wholemeal flour adds more fibre than refined flour. It also contributes more vitamins and minerals like iron and zinc which supports your immune function, copper which supports your heart health and phosphorous which is needed for creating strong bones and teeth.

Olive oil provides a heart-healthy fat called monounsaturated fat. Both the omega 3 fat found in the salmon and the monounsaturated fat in the olive oil support healthy cholesterol levels. Pumpkin provides potassium to support healthy blood pressure and is a source of vitamin A which keeps your vision sharp and immune system working at its best.

Baby spinach leaves are full of nutrition being a source of folate which is a B vitamin needed for DNA synthesis and repair. Also, vitamin K which allows your blood to clot normally and plays a role in keeping your bones strong. Spring onions are full of antioxidants to help support your immune system and also are a source of soluble fibre which helps to drag out the cholesterol in your body, preventing it from being reabsorbed and as a result helps to lower your total and ‘bad’ cholesterol.

Tasty cheese and milk are a source of calcium for strong bones and teeth. Like salmon, cheese and milk are also a good source of iodine and selenium which supports the health of your thyroid. Also, vitamin B12 and choline which keep your central nervous system working as it should. This quiche allows you to boast about the health benefits at a gathering of friends or colleagues.

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